The Truth About Bottled Water

Filtering your own water at home eliminates your dependency on bottled water and helps to reduce the waste of the millions of plastic bottles now crowding our landfills.

But beyond the motivation to help save our environment, there are other reasons to think twice before reaching for that bottle of water.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water used for drinking. While most consumers assume that bottled water is at least as safe as tap water, there are still potential risks. Although required to meet the same safety standards as public water supplies, bottled water does not undergo the same testing and reporting as water from a treatment facility. Water that is bottled and sold in the same state may not be subject to any federal standards at all.

A home filtration system allows you to control what you are actually filtering from the water you drink, rather than hoping that the bottled water from your favorite brand is taking those same steps to deliver safe and clean water.

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